12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (2024)

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (1)

Best Overall

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (2)


With its smooth ride quality and competitive pricing, Co-op Cycles REV CTY 24 certainly sets a strong foundation for young riders to explore their neighborhoods and gradually climb those challenging hills.

Best MTB

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (3)


Loaded with features that guarantee your teen will earn the admiration of her peers, the Quick 24 has fast-rolling tires, stable handling, and wide-range gearing.

Best for Girls

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (4)


This European-style cruiser bike is excellent for girls because it offers a simple 7-speed drivetrain, mazing retro dual-spring saddle, and painted aluminum fenders.

What type of bike does a teenager need?

Before clicking the buy button, you should decide what type of bicycle to get for your teen – whether they would like a mountain bike, hybrid bike, BMX bike, or road bike. Different styles of bikes are better on different terrain, so we recommend affordable bikes in each category.

Hybrid bikes are great for commuting or leisure riding around the block. Generally speaking, hybrids are comfortable, straightforward, and great for paved roads. The upright riding position helps teens to gain confidence.

Mountain bikes are also an excellent option for teenagers. They are great for trails and choppy terrains and usually have a suspension fork and wider tires to smooth out bumps. Most teens prefer to ride a hardtail mountain bike with a suspension fork.

Road bikes are faster but require more experience, and the aerodynamic position is not so comfortable for most teens. We don’t recommend any road bikes for beginner teenager riders in this guide.

Best Overall: Co-op Cycles REV CTY 24

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (5)

Best for ages:8-12 |Frame Material:Aluminum |Gears:21-Speed |MSRP:$399

What’s good 👍

  1. Kid Approved: The bike is beloved by the children who have used it, giving them a sense of freedom and aiding in their development as budding cyclists.
  2. Smooth Ride: Multiple reviews mention that the bike offers a smooth ride which enhances the riding experience.
  3. Adequate Gearing for Hills: The triple front chainring provides adequate gearing for comfortable hill climbing, a feature hard to find in other 24” kids’ casual bikes.
  4. Cost-Effective Upgrades: Some users found that with a few inexpensive modifications (e.g., changing brakes, shifters, seatpost, stem, and bars), the bike’s performance and comfort could be significantly improved.
  5. Competitive Pricing for Initial Purchase: Customers have mentioned that the bikes are competitively priced and provide good value for the base model.

What’s not so good 👎

  1. Derailleur/Shifter Quality Issues: There were several mentions of the derailleur/shifter ceasing to function properly within a few months of purchase.
  2. Non-Quick Release Wheels: The wheels require a wrench to remove, which was seen as an inconvenience by users living in urban areas where theft is a concern.
  3. Geometry Issues: Some reviews mention that the geometry of the bike caused discomfort and a hunched-over riding position, requiring significant modification or return.

Co-op Cycles REV CTY 24 bike is marketed not just as a mere “kids’ bike” but as a stepping stone towards adult biking adventures, tailored to accommodate the size and evolving skills of young riders. With its smooth ride quality and competitive pricing, it certainly sets a strong foundation for young riders to explore their neighborhoods and gradually climb those challenging hills, thanks to its unique triple front chainring feature.

Its lightweight and durable aluminum frame makes the bike easy to maneuver, ensuring a joyful ride through hills, flats, and rolling terrains. The Shimano drivetrain, offering a rich palette of 21 versatile gearing options, coupled with the triple front chainring, stands out as a feature ensuring a comfortable ride across varying landscapes.

In summary, the Co-op Cycles REV CTY 24 bike has the potential to be a fantastic investment towards nurturing a child’s love for cycling, providing both the young rider and the parents are willing to navigate through some bumps on the road.

Best MTB: Cannondale Quick 24

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (6)

Best for ages:7-11 |Frame Material:Aluminum |Gears:7-Speed |MSRP:$500

What’s good 👍

  1. Lightweight and Agile Ride: The bike’s lightweight design ensures an agile and responsive ride, making it easier to maneuver through traffic or around obstacles.
  2. Urban Ready: With a readiness for paved roads in town, this bike is ideal for urban cyclists who commute or enjoy city cycling.
  3. Comfortable Tires: The Kenda Small Block 8 Tires provide a comfortable ride, reducing the fatigue on the rider and ensuring a smoother experience.
  4. Quality Gear Shifting: The Shimano Tourney Revo Twist Shifter enhances gear shifting, making it easier and more convenient for the rider to adjust the gear settings based on the terrain

What’s not so good 👎

  1. Price: Priced at $500, this bicycle falls on the pricier side, which might be a deterrent for individuals on a budget or beginners looking for a more cost-effective option.

There are two classifications of bike-riding teens on this planet: those who love red and those who don’t. If your teen happens to belong in the first category, put these “acid red” wheels on your shopping list, and your child will so appreciate you she can stop rolling her eyes every time you admonish her.

Loaded with features that guarantee your teen will earn the admiration of her peers, the Quick 24 has fast-rolling tires, stable handling, and wide-range gearing. These are just a few of the reasons to consider this bike.

What sort of terrain does your teen prefer? Whether it’s off- or on-road, this lively machine delivers on performance thanks to a lightweight SmartForm C3 alloy aluminum frame that is outfitted with neat touches.

Cranks are explicitly designed for kids who know how to make the most of their 7-gear experience, and the saddle, handlebar, grips, and brake levers are all engineered to delight teens falling into categories that range between daredevils and conservatives.

Best for Girls: Electra Loft 7D Women’s Bike

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (7)

Best for ages:13+ |Frame Material:Aluminum |Gears:7-Speed |MSRP:$650

What’s good 👍

  1. European-Style Commuter: This bicycle sports a European design that is often appreciated for its aesthetic appeal and functional design, making your commute more stylish and enjoyable.
  2. Simple 7-Speed Setup: The 7-speed setup is easy to use and provides a decent range for city commuting while keeping the shifting process straightforward.
  3. Fenders Included: The inclusion of fenders is a nice addition that will help to keep water and mud off the rider during wet conditions, enhancing comfort and cleanliness.
  4. Retro Leatherette Dual Spring Saddle: The saddle design not only adds to the retro aesthetic but also provides a comfortable seating arrangement with dual springs to cushion the ride.

What’s not so good 👎

  1. Limited Gear Range: The 7-speed setup might not provide the versatility needed for more demanding terrains or for those who desire a wider range of gear options.
  2. Pricey: At a price tag of $650, this bicycle is on the expensive side, which might be a barrier for individuals looking for a more budget-friendly commuting solution.

Teenager girls love the look of this European-style urban commuter. Electra is a brand owned by Trek, so you know what that means – quality built and parts. The Loft 7D is not an exception. It’s a hybrid bike made for casual riding, commuting, and leisure.

We like the fact that the bike comes equipped with some serious parts in the comfort category. From the amazing retro dual-spring saddle to the painted aluminum fenders. The bike also features a 7-speed Shimano Acera rear derailleur and a regular Shimano Twist Shifter.

The shifting is smooth and straightforward due to the simplicity of the drivetrain, but you get a relatively narrow gear range. If you plan to climb a lot of hills, you might need to look for another bike with a wider gear range.

Another thing to consider is the price. Electra Loft 7D is a bit expensive at around $600, but most teenage girls enjoy the bike’s amazing ride and overall feel. So it’s a bike you should definitely shortlist.

Best for preTeens: NORCO STORM 4.3

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (8)

Best for ages:9-12 |Frame Material:Aluminum |Gears:7-Speed |MSRP:$449

What’s good 👍

  1. Encourages Outdoor Activity: The Storm 4.3 aims to get kids outdoors and riding, providing a healthy and enjoyable alternative to screen time.
  2. Quality Performance: With a crisp shifting system and quality brakes, this bike is designed to provide a smooth and reliable riding experience, helping young riders get the most out of every outing.
  3. Low Maintenance: Built for durability and to require less frequent repairs, this bike is meant to spend more time on the trail and less in the shop, making it a convenient choice for busy families.
  4. Lightweight and Durable: Beautifully crafted to be lightweight yet durable, making it easier for young riders to handle while also withstanding the rigors of active use.
  5. Easy Gearing: The easy gearing setup allows for quicker starts and effortless climbs, making the riding experience less daunting for young cyclists.
  6. Effective Braking System: The quality brakes with short reach levers provide effective and accessible stopping power for added safety.

What’s not so good 👎

  1. Only available in two colors: pink and green

The Norco Storm 4.3 is designed as an entry-level mountain bike suitable for both kids and smaller adults, offering a decent balance of price, performance, and features. It generally has a comfortable geometry and adequate gearing for tackling a variety of terrains. Moreover, the 24-inch wheels can be a good size for kids transitioning from smaller bikes to adult-sized bikes.

The components, such as the fork, drivetrain, and brakes, are entry-level, which should suffice for general riding but might not withstand heavy-duty mountain biking. This bike could be a good choice if your child is new to mountain biking, as it’s designed for beginners. Lastly, considering the future growth of your child is important; it might be worth looking at models with larger frame sizes or wheel sizes if they’re on the cusp of needing a larger bike.


12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (9)

Best for ages:10-15 |Frame Material:Steel |Gears:5-Speed |MSRP:$549

What’s good 👍

  1. Durable Construction: The rigid steel frame of the bike ensures a long-lasting and sturdy structure that can withstand rough usage over time.
  2. High-quality Braking System: The excellent sealed hydraulic disc brakes provide efficient stopping power in various riding conditions, ensuring a safe and controlled ride.
  3. Versatile Usage: Ready to ride on a variety of terrains, including roads, trails, and bike paths, making it a versatile choice for different kinds of riders.

What’s not so good 👎

  1. Limited Speed Options: With only a 5-speed gear system, the bike may lack the flexibility and efficiency desired on varying terrains and inclines, possibly limiting its performance in more challenging riding situations.

A bit pricier than the two bikes reviewed above, the Meerkat is nonetheless worthy of your consideration. While this bike only has 5-speeds, its engineering more than makes up for that when it performs like a pro while whizzing around corners.

This is the bike that will make you feel comfortable while he undertakes makeshift backyard jumps. Built to fit riders with 22-to-30-inch inseams, the Meerkat’s hydraulic disc brakes are easy to operate. Grab the levers and come to a quick, full stop.

What differentiates this Cleary bike from others? The 1020 alloy steel frame plus a fork crafted of suspension-corrected 1020 alloy steel. Features include an FSA threadless headset, Sturmey Archer DLC-50 trigger shifter, and Sturmey Archer DLC-50 5-speed rear derailleur.

Weighing in at 24 pounds, it’s light enough to move briskly but heavy enough to handle abuse kids are known to give their bikes. The Meerkat is named for a wily rodent capable of flying along at 30 mph, so your kid can ride like the wind in an equal fashion. Low in maintenance but high in popularity, don’t let the price difference keep you from checking this model out.

Best for the trails: Gravity FSX 1.0

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (10)

Best for ages:8-15 |Frame Material:Aluminum |Gears:24-Speed |MSRP:$399

What’s good 👍

  1. Adjustable Full-Suspension System: The front and rear adjustable full-suspension system provides a smoother ride on bumpy terrains and enhances control over rough trails, delivering a more comfortable and safer cycling experience.
  2. Strong and Durable Frame: The aluminum frame is known for its strength and durability, ensuring the bike can withstand rough usage over time while still maintaining its structural integrity.
  3. Rigid Double-Wall Rim Wheels: The rigid double-wall rim wheels are robust and capable of handling different types of terrain, providing a stable and reliable performance during rides.

What’s not so good 👎

  1. Uncomfortable Seat: The seat is reported to be uncomfortable, which may detract from the overall riding experience, especially during longer journeys or rough terrains. An upgrade or additional cushioning might be required for enhanced comfort.
  2. Tires Not Suited for Trails: The tires on this bike are not well-suited for trail riding, which limits its versatility and performance on rough or uneven terrains.

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension is a high-class entry-level mountain bike that comes in 4 sizes, depending on your child’s height – 15, 17, 19, and 21 inches, suitable for kids of all ages. You can choose from 2 color variations – a cute and classy black version and a vivid yellow one.

The 2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension is a perfect choice for some basic trail riding and riding it in the city streets. Thus it offers a pretty comfortable seat to make your kids’ long rides much more pleasant.

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The frame is one of the top features of this bike – made of high-quality hydroformed aluminum. That makes the bike an extremely light one. The handlebar, which is also made of aluminum and solid double-wall alloy wheels, adds to the lightness of the bicycle.

Another key feature of this ride is the front and rear disc brakes, giving you excellent security over your kid’s stopping. What’s more, is the adjustable front shock and the adjustable rear coil-over cartridge shock. The gears on the bicycle, as well as the front and rear derailleurs, are SHIMANO.

Overall, this is a great bike, offering decent quality and some excellent features at an affordable price. This bike will definitely match your kids’ expectations of a cool-looking bike.

Best first bike: Schwinn High Timber

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (11)

Best for ages:10-15 |Frame Material:Steel |Gears:21-Speed |MSRP:$349.99

What’s good 👍

  1. Wide Gear Range: The Shimano twist shifters with a 21-speed gear system provide a broad range of gearing options, enabling riders to tackle various terrains and inclines efficiently.
  2. Simple Braking System: The alloy linear-pull brakes are simple and straightforward, offering a reliable stopping mechanism for riders.
  3. Tackles Rough Terrains: Equipped with wide knobby mountain tires, the bike can handle rough and uneven terrains, providing a good grip and stability.
  4. Enhanced Riding Comfort: The Schwinn suspension fork helps absorb shocks and bumps on rough trails, ensuring a more comfortable and smoother ride.

What’s not so good 👎

  1. Inefficient Gear Shifting: The gear shifting mechanism is reported to be bad, which can affect the bike’s performance and the overall riding experience, especially in terrains requiring frequent gear changes.
  2. Short-lived Components: The components of the bike are not designed to last, which might require frequent replacements or upgrades, potentially leading to higher maintenance costs over time.

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is among the most popular and best-selling bikes for teens. Just like the previous one, this bike comes in a couple of different size variations.

The small option on 24-inch wheels has a 12-inch frame. The medium option with 27.5-inch wheels is with a bigger 18-inch frame. The biggest variation is the 29-inch wheeler, again with an 18-inch frame.

The bike has various colors and styles, including a light blue option with a girls’ frame. The frame is a classical Schwinn mountain-style one, made of solid steel, with a decent suspension fork.

The wheels are geared up with some light & durable alloy rims. The overall weight of the bicycle is not that heavy – depending on the size, it can vary, but it reaches up to no more than 35-40 pounds.

The Schwinn High Timber is equipped with SHIMANO Revoshift twist shifters and a 21-speed rear derailleur. It is pretty easy to change gears with precision on the go with this one. You can rely on the sharp linear-pull brakes for safe stopping.

This bike is a great choice if you want to get a classic ride for your kid that can last them, at least for the next couple of years. It is suitable for children aged ten and up, but I would recommend it for a bit bigger teens. It is suitable for any terrain, as well as for casual use as a city bike.

Best low-maintenance: Priority Start 24′

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (12)

Best for ages:10-15 |Frame Material:Aluminum |Gears:3-Speed |MSRP:$449

What’s good 👍

  1. Accessible Design: The low-step aluminum frame design allows for easy mounting and dismounting, making it accessible for riders of different ages and abilities.
  2. Urban Riding Ready: The bike is ready for smooth rides in the park or on paved roads, making it an ideal choice for leisurely urban excursions.
  3. Maintenance-Free Drivetrain: The Gates Belt Drive is rust-free and offers a super smooth riding experience, reducing maintenance worries compared to traditional chain-driven bikes.
  4. Simple Gear System: Equipped with a 3-speed Shimano Hub & Grip Shifter, the bike offers a simple yet effective gearing system for flat terrains, making gear shifting a breeze.

What’s not so good 👎

  1. Limited Climbing Ability: The bike is not suitable for climbing hills, which limits its versatility and usability in varied terrains and could be a deal-breaker for those living in hilly areas.
  2. Challenging Belt Replacement: Replacing the belt can be a challenging task, which might lead to inconvenience and additional maintenance costs if professional assistance is required.

Your teen wants a cool bike, but after browsing prices at local shops, that may not be in the cards – unless you check out the Priority Start, a ride that comes from an online boutique manufacturer where the crew knows what teens want, and this model proves it. The aptly named Start is a 24-inch bike designed for kids making the transition from 20 inches.

Priority Start 24 is designed with parents in mind. It’s low maintenance, vanquishes all-terrain, and it won’t crash the family budget. An adjustable angle stem allows for the rider’s growth spurts, and multi-terrain tires invite challenges.

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A kickstand is included, and parents can feel confident that the dual-hand brakes will stop the bike fast. Designed for teens who need transport but aren’t old enough to drive, this model will envy classmates.

Runner-Up: Huffy Kids Hardtail 26-inch

12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (13)

Best for ages:13+ |Frame Material:Steel |Gears:21-Speed |MSRP:$415

What’s good 👍

  1. Robust Frame Construction: The durable steel frame ensures a sturdy and stable structure that can withstand the rigors of daily use, promising longevity.
  2. Versatile Gear Range: With a Micro-shift twist shifter offering 21-speed options, riders have the flexibility to adjust to different terrains and inclines efficiently.
  3. Capable Tires for Uneven Terrain: The 26″ X 1.95″ knobby tires provide a decent grip on various surfaces, making the bike capable of handling uneven terrains.
  4. Comfortable Riding Position: The raised handlebar allows for an upright riding position, which is more comfortable for riders and beneficial for better control and visibility.

What’s not so good 👎

  1. Inadequate Brake Levers: The brake levers are too short, which might affect the braking efficiency and could be uncomfortable for riders with larger hands.
  2. Mediocre Tire Quality: The tires are of average quality, which might not provide the optimum performance desired on tougher terrains, and may necessitate an upgrade for more serious riders.

This simple Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike is a beautiful bike for teenagers over 13 years old and a height of five feet. If you are looking for a very cheap bike to ride in the park or your house’s yard, this model will do an excellent job for you.

With a solid steel frame and entry-level Shimano components, it is easy and comfortable to ride. The tires are wide enough to ride on uneven terrains, not just on an asphalt road. Huffy suited this model with affordable linear pull hand brakes that are simple yet capable of stopping the small bicycle without any issues.

You get 21 speeds, which are changed via the micro-shift twist shifter that is good enough for beginner riders like your teenage girl/boy. This model is available in three different sizes and six color combinations, so you will have no problem choosing the suitable model for your teenager.

How to choose the best bike for teenagers?

Choosing the right bike for teenagers can be a bit challenging as they are in a transitional phase between children and adults. Here’s a structured approach to selecting the most suitable bike:

Determine the Purpose

Recreational Riding: If the bike is for casual rides or commuting, a simple hybrid or city bike could be a good choice. Our recommendations: Co-op Cycles REV CTY 24, Electra Loft 7D Women’s Bike, NORCO STORM 4.3, Schwinn High Timber, Priority Start 24′.

Mountain Biking: For off-road or trail riding, a mountain bike with robust suspension and gears is advisable. Our recommendations: Cannondale Quick 24, Gravity FSX 1.0.

Road Cycling: If the teen has a serious interest in road cycling, consider a road bike with lightweight frames and efficient gearing.

BMX or Trick Riding: BMX bikes are ideal for teens interested in trick or skatepark riding.

Bike Size:

Ensure the bike is the right size for the teen. They should be able to touch the ground with their feet when sitting on the saddle, and their arms shouldn’t be stretched out too much on the handlebars. Bike shops can help measure and suggest appropriate bike sizes.

Check out our bike size chart:


Kids grow quickly during their teenage years, so look for a bike with plenty of adjustable components like seat posts and handlebars that can grow with them.


The bike’s weight should be manageable for the teen. Lighter bikes are generally easier to handle and maneuver but more expensive.


It’s advisable to choose a bike that is durable and well-built. It’s often worth investing a little more for a bike that will last longer and perform well over time.


Depending on the terrain the teenager will be riding on, the gearing of the bike is important. More gears offer better versatility, which can be beneficial in hilly areas.

Braking System:

Look for a bike with a reliable and easy-to-use braking system. Disc brakes provide good stopping power in all weather conditions, while rim brakes are lighter and easier to maintain. Most entry-level kid’s bikes come with rim brakes.


Determine a reasonable budget based on the intended use and frequency of use. Quality bikes are often a good investment, but remember, there are good bikes in all price ranges. The bikes on our list cost between $150 and $600, but to get the perfect bike for your kid, prepare to spend at least $400. For less than that, you should not expect excellent quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the key features to look for when choosing a bike for a teenager?

When selecting a bike for a teenager, it’s crucial to consider the right frame size tailored to their height for optimal comfort and safety. As teens are still growing, opting for a bike with adjustable features like seat post and handlebar height can be beneficial, ensuring the bike adapts to their growth. Durability is key since teenagers often put their bikes through a lot, so a sturdy frame and quality components are essential. Lastly, never compromise on the quality of brakes, as they play a pivotal role in safety.

Are there safety considerations or additional equipment recommended for teenage bikers?

Yes, several bike brands and models cater specifically to the needs of teenagers, offering a mix of safety, durability, and style. Some popular brands and models suitable for teenagers include: Co-Op Cycles, Huffy, Cannondale, Trek and Priority.

How does the size and fit of a teen bike differ from an adult bike?

Teen bikes differ from adult bikes primarily in size and adjustability. They often feature smaller frames and wheel sizes, like 24-inch wheels, compared to the standard 26-inch or larger wheels on adult bikes. The geometry of teen bikes is tailored to provide a comfortable riding position for younger riders, often allowing for a more upright posture and shorter reach.

Are there safety considerations or additional equipment recommended for teenage bikers?

Safety is crucial for teenage bikers. Every teen should wear a properly fitted helmet to prevent head injuries. If biking in low-visibility conditions, front and rear lights are essential, along with reflectors and reflective clothing to enhance visibility. Depending on the biking activity, teens might also benefit from additional protective gear like knee and elbow pads, gloves, and for more adventurous rides, full-face helmets and body armor. Lastly, a bell or horn is useful to alert others on the road or trail. Always prioritize safety, regardless of the ride’s duration or location.

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12 Best Bikes for PreTeens and Teens in 2024 (2024)
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